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Confederate Flag / Rebel Flag Fabric by the yard



I am pleased to offer Confederate/Rebel flag fabric. This is high quality 100% cotton fabric. It is the standard 44/45 inch fabric. I am selling it by the yard. Whole bolts are also available.

SHIPPING INFO: Because I wish to charge as close to actual shipping as possible, I can not put a shopping cart up on this page. I want to charge actual shipping costs, not a one size fits all destinations cost.

It will be most economical to ship by USPS rather than UPS or FedEx. Each yard weighs about 7 ounces.

Up to 2 yards can ship by First Class parcel. Postage for a yard is about $2.60 and 2 yards is about $3.60. The final cost can differ depentind on your ZIP code.

I can fit up to 6 yards in a Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope for $6.45 and this includes $50 insurance.

For 7 yards up to a almost a bolt, I will have to have your ZIP and compute actual postage cost.

A whole bolt weights about 7 pounds in a box. Exact postage will have to be calculated using your ZIP code.

I am able to sell this fabric at $11.90 yard plus actual shipping.

Texas residents must add 6.25% sales tax.

Demand is overwhelming, so my shipment may sell out very quickly, another reason I can't put a shopping cart up.

Paypal handles my credit card sales. You do NOT have to have a Paypal account to pay by credit card or bank draft after I send you an invoice for your order. If you wish to pay by Postal Money Order, that is fine also.

To order, please email me at caps@blueroseweb.com with how many yards you want and your ship-to address. If paying thru Paypal, I can only ship to a Confirmed address. If you wish to pay with a Postal money order, I can ship to any address you provide. I will have to send you a Paypal Invoice when I compute your shipping charges.

Confederate Battle Flag - Rebel Flag Fabric, actually the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia

A Little Bit of History: The big blue "X" has thirteen white stars which represent the thirteen original, united colonies from which the United States began. Each one of these colonies had its own system of self government... until the start of 'northern aggression' when the northern states began trying to usurp authority over the southern states. This was the main cause of the Civil War, (which really wasn't a true civil war where 2 opposing sides fight for control of the government) - it was really The War of Northern Agression, or Lincoln's War. The stars are laid out in the pattern of an X, and the blue bands are put on the thirteen stars (with the stars showing thru the blue) to show that the southern states no longer wanted to be a part of the union with the northern states. Cross us out, we want out, the flag's design is saying. The southern states withdrew from the union in a movement called "secession," which led to the Civil War. The flag had nothing at all to do with slavery, which was on its way out before it was used to further the agenda of those 'progressive' libtards who want an all-powerful centralized federal government with such over-reaching abuses such as their fraudulent Supreme Court rulings and unjust EPA edicts and other administrative branch bureaucracy over-reaches.