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Defective Rubbermaid Products

I am upset in having to produce this web page. I purchased this crummy product at Walmart less than a year ago. I bought it because I had been using a smaller, country-blue colored dish rack for almost 10 years and decided that I needed a larger dish rack.

Pay attention to what I just said, my last similiar plastic-coated metal dish rack lasted 10 years. It NEVER developed cracks in the plastic coating like this Rubbermaid dish rack developed - these developed in less than one year's normal daily use?!?!?

This is what a Rubbermaid brand dish rack looks like after one year of ordinary, careful use

It appears to me that Rubbermaid used a defective plastic coating. Look at all of the fissure cracks developing all over this thing! It looks like the defective Rubbermaid plastic coating develops some kind of crack and then moisture gets into these cracks in this defective coating, then rust. After moisture gets into the cracks, the rust may cause even more cracks as the unprotected metal expands in the oxidation process.

Fissures developing in the defective Rubbermaid coating

Here are a couple more pictures of this defective Rubbermaid Dish Rack that I purchased at Walmart. How was I to know that Rubbermaid products are no longer quality stuff?

Defective Rubbermaid product purchased at WalmartDefective Rubbermaid dish rack purchased at Walmart

Like I stated above, my last plastic coated dish rack - I don't recall what brand it was, geez it was 10 years ago - lasted 10 years. (Incidently, it was a hand me down from an inlaw, so it is really over 10 years old). It lasted over 10 years. It never developed any sort of crack in the plastic coating. That is why I was so utterly shocked and surprised to see the fissures developing in my brand new Rubbermaid dish rack from Walmart. Why can't Rubbermaid make a product that will last longer than 10 MONTHS? I am so disappointed. So very disappointed. I make quality stuff, check out my Welding Caps, Barbie Furniture and other items I sell on my web site, I make quality stuff. Why can't a nationally recognized company make quality products?? For all I know, this piece of junk was probably make in Communist China. I guess the lesson here is don't buy anything from Walmart. Go to a better store and buy quality products.

Happy ending - after exchanging about 3 letters back and forth with Rubbermaid's customer service, they finally sent me a voucher for a new dishrack. Then, in Walmart, I had to look at stacks of the rubber-coated wire racks, fearing that the plastic coating would immediately crack as it did in my previous rack. So, I opted for a stainless steel rack, hoping that it would not rust, but not really having much confidence in the product since it was clearly marked as made in communist china. I have no faith in any products manufactured in communist china.

Update - Unhappy ending - After using this stainless steel dishrack for about half a year, it is developing rust damage in certain areas - nothing terribly ugly yet, but just more low-quality communist china junk. Very disappointed.