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Essays on Society

Woops - nothing here yet, is there? Well, hold on there, I'm a working on it. I know you all are just dyin' to read about what I think of things - aren't you?

Interested in reading a few facts about our 'beloved' Walmart, seeTHIS

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Want to learn some forbidden history? Read about the white slaves who really built this country and were treated much worse than african slaves ever were. This will light a fire under those who hate Whites and can't handle reality. They will go into melt-down mode because the truth damages their victim-hood status and mind-set. These 2 books are just the beginning. Because this is soooo politically uncorrect, it is hard to find books on the subject. Google 'white slavery in colonial america' and that will start you on the road to reality. But in doing so, you will come across some links that lead to laughable attempts to counter reality and try to claim that all white slaves were just 'indentured servants' who spent their indenture polishing the master's silver until they were freed and given land. It just didn't happen that way. In fact, african slaves cost more than White slaves and as such they were taken better care of. No one cared if an Irish slave died, but they did care if an african slave died. The white slaves always pulled the worse and most dangerous jobs. I am also working on researching a thought that the poor whites of Apalachia originated as freed white slaves who were so ashamed that they migrated to the mountains.
Another teaser - when we come up to the 19th century, we find, from surviving court records, that 2 of the largest slave holders in Lousiana were actually blacks. We also find out that only about 6% of Southern Whites owned slaves, but that in New Orleans, at least 30% of the free blacks owned slaves. Wow. How does that happen? So Un-PC. But, again, these fools have some of the most rediculous excuses and foolish explanations for the facts when they can't deny the facts.

The other book is about muslim slavery. Muslim slave masters were unbelievably cruel to the infidel slaves. Their abuse is so awful that I don't want to go into it here. Just one quick example, if a man was captured and chained to a ship galley, he was NEVER unchained until the ship master thought that he was no longer rowing hard enough and then he was unchained and thrown overboard to drown. Thomas Jefferson had to send the marines over to northern Africa during his presidency to rein in muslim raiding Europe and capturing Whites. Muslims still believe in slavery. White Christian civilization/Western Civilization has led the world in freeing slaves.

forbidden history is educational

white privilege is a myth white privilege is a lie