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Some of My Favorite Web Sites

CyberHymnal has hundreds of Christian Hymns - with lyrics - in midi format, free to download.

is an interesting online newspaper - worth a look.

Blue Rose Web QuiltingBCustom Made weldingcaps

Patrick Buchanan's Official Website This man is a genius and his books should be required reading for all REAL Americans

Americans for Legal Immigration - an absolute MUST site to visit to keep up to date on what ILLEGALs and their supporters are up to.

Judicial Watch Because NO ONE is above the law.

The Hill Informative political news site

News With Views Where Reality shatters illusion.

Drudge Report Up to the minute news

Jim StoneA private investigator who will tell you things you won't hear elsewhere.

TechnocracyNews about techno-feudalism that is almost here.

Natural NewsHealth, Nutrition and Current Events

The Common Sense ShowProbably too much for you to handle

Revolution RadioCurrent Events

Steve QuayleVery unusual current happenings

American RenisanceNews links and info

I fix itHow to fix anything

the Occidental Quarterlynews and links and important info

I Dig My Garden A garden forum.

Homesteading Today An interesting forum.

The Religion of PeacePolitically incorrect truth about islam

W3schools a great, free online educational reference concerning web sites and how to code them.

CodeGuru is a great site with a wealth of information, especially about Visual C++ and Visual Basic.

SpyBot S&D - SpyBot Search & Destroy is a freeware utility to search for and help you destroy/uninstall spyware that you have probably unknowingly loaded your computer with.

Whois is a place where you can look up and see who owns the IP numbers of all of those hack attempts that your firewall is blocking. If you're not running a correctly configured firewall, well, enjoy your trojans and backdoors.

USPS Zip Code Lookup - Nope - this is not a 'favorite', just a very useful site when you gotta have that zip.

www.mortgage-calc.com - Nope - this is not a 'favorite' either, just an interesting site with numerous financial calculators.

Ellis Island Records - Did your family come here thru Ellis Island - the legal way? If so, try to look them up.