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My Little Corner of Cyberspace

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your visit

My newest addition is high quality hand made artisian jewelry at www.stonequarrygems.com. Visit Stone Quarry Gems and take a look around. Handmade artisian jewelry is so much nicer than the mass produced, boring imported jewelry that you find in stores. Stop by and look around and you will probably find something that you just have to have! I offer a number of incentives such as free Moonshine polishing cloths with any sterling silver necklace and free sterling earrings with multiple earring purchases. And don't forget - I offer FREE shipping on all jewelry purchases.

While you are here, why don't you play a few javascript games on the games page? They are great fun. Pretty cool stuff for javascript. Like to check out new recipes? Look at my recipes page where I have some of my family's favorites.

Interested in sewing? I am just starting to get my Barbie Clothes, Barbie Furniture and GI Joe clothes patterns up. See them Here. I am in the process of putting crochet doily patterns in .pdf files so that you can dowload them and print them out. I have free Quilt patterns Here. I also sew and sell custom made welder's caps. Check out my welding caps page.
QuiltingB's handmade welding caps, made in the USA

Ultra NEW item - DooRags! I now have DooRag patterns, see HERE.

New addition, take a look at my cross stitch patterns of lighthouses, castles and barns. I have this awesome program called PCStitch 7 that makes it soooo easy to design cross stitch charts. It is just so incredible and fun. I am also putting up pages of free cross stitch patterns that I made with Pcstitch. I am putting up the patterns, if you are the first one to make the pattern and send me a picture of the finished project, I just might put the picture up and give you credit for stitching the pattern!

Take a look at the other sections of my QuiltingB web site: some of my favorite web sites - highly recommended stuff, miscellaneous health articles of interest, a message on salvation and some miscellaneous essays on what I think of society.

Unfortunantly, you can't sign my guest book. I had to close it because spammers abuse guestbooks, filling them with spam!

And, I would really rather just be painting! Here's my latest: (just quick fun on canvas board, sawblades, wood boards, whatever I can find!)
painted when the electricity was out due to hurricane Ike

Trump for President!

Alexis de Tocqueville - 1835 - "The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers it can bribe the public with the public's money". (That day has arrived).

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