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QuiltingB's Quilts

These pictures are shaded by the fall light. This spring I will be making new, brighter pictures and putting them up here.

Around the World

This quilt is the first one that I made. I machine pieced it and machine quilted it (Never again!) Show Picture


This quilt is the second one that I made. I hand pieced and hand quilted it. Show Picture

Ohio Star

This quilt is machine pieced and hand quilted. Show Picture


This is only a machine pieced quilt top. I have not yet put batting or backing on it. Show Picture

Camo 4 Patch

This quilt was made to replace my son's 'bankie' when he was a toddler. It is machine pieced and machine quilted. It wasn't that difficult to quilt since it is a small 36" x 36" quilt. Show Picture

Pink Baby Ruffled Quilt

This quilt was made for my baby daughter. It is made from embroidered blocks. I machine pieced it, hand quilted it and then added a machined ruffle to the edge. Show Picture

Big Hexagon Quilt

This quilt was hand pieced and I am in the process of hand quilting it. If you look carefully, you can see my wooden quilting hoop in the middle of it. (Always quilt from the center out). The lighting is not good in this picture. The colors are much brighter. Show Picture


This is a sampler quilt I gave a neighbor as a gift. It was made from Leisure Arts Leaflet 1179, "Teach Yourself to Quilt". I mostly machine quilted this one, with some hand piecing of the more difficult pieces. I made the mistake of using 100% cotton batting for this one, making it impossible to 'needle', or quilt by hand. I ended up having to machine quilt this quilt. Show Picture

Sampler Quilt Top

This quilt was mostly machine pieced, with some hand piecing on the tricky curves and angles. This is the QUILT TOP ONLY, that is why you can see the seams as darker lines through out the quilt top. Each quilt block was made out of scrap fabric from my 'quilt box' of sewing scraps. The only fabric that was purchased new was the green fabric around the border that is also used for the 1" center squares on the inner border stripping. I made each of the 20 blocks with an assorted collection of different sized triangles and squares templates; just draw them out on graph paper then make them. It will be hand quilted when time allows. Show Picture

String Star Quilt

This was a quick-to-make and quick-to-quilt quilt. It is a 'string' quilt, meaning that I first pieced together many little and narrow 'strings' of fabric, then cut out the pieces from the compiled fabric. This is a smaller quilt, about 3 feet square. I am itching to make a larger star string quilt, composed of maybe 6 of these star squares. I have been collecting strings of fabric for a few years and am now about ready to do this again. Show Picture

Round Dahlia Quilt

I needed something that was more of a challenge to piece together, so I decided to try a dahlia quilt. Since each piece has 4 curved sides, it was a tiny bit of a challenge, especially since I pieced it on a sewing machine. I just wanted to try out the pattern, so I used scrap fabric - that is why the colors are not balanced. I am in the process of hand quilting it. I really just wanted to try it, so I am leaving it round and will use it for a lap quilt. When I make the next one, along with buying matching colors for each row of petals, I will add the squared borders and make it into a square quilt. Show Picture