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This is an example of using Cascading Style Sheets to make a very attractive mouse rollover menu. The styles can be changed to make the individual menu parts any color desired. The text color can be changed. The background colors of each rectangle can be set for both the mouse-off and mouse-over state. The width of the border can also be varied - any border side can be made thicker. This particular menu has a 1 pixel border on the mouse-over part. Each of the four rectangle sides, top, right, bottom and left, can have their own colors and pixel width set, if so desired.

We use Cascading Style Sheets where ever possible so as to reduce the overall page 'weight'. A lighter page loads faster. A slow loading page can cause your visitors to leave before the page even finishes loading

At Blue Rose Web Design Studio we custom design and hand-code our web pages so that they stretch to fit a variety of browser screen resolutions. We hand-code our pages to stretch both horizontally and vertically. The rose-colored bar below the navigation buttons at the left of this page ( which is currently holding 3 pictures) stretches vertically to fill the length of the page - even as more content is added to the page. Also, notice the custom scroll bars used on this page to improve the color effects and overall appearance of the page.

We hand code all of our pages. While this takes longer, it allows us to custom design a quality page. A hand coded page is a better coded page. Almost anyone with a copy of Front Page or Dreamweaver thinks they can set themselves up as a web designer; but this is not the case. Front Page web sites are inevitably very amateurish - you can see them coming a web site away! We have spent years studying professional web design and state of the art programming - html, css, perl, php, javascript, xhtml and now mysql, xml and java for databases. Let us put this knowledge and experience to work for you!

Contact Blue Rose Web Design Studio today at support@blueroseweb.com so we can get started on your web site.