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It didn't last a year!

As previously stated Here, Rubbermaid finally sent me a voucher sufficient for a new dish rack. That is very commendable for the large international corporation. Well done. With voucher in hand, I was standing in fromt of Crap-Mart's dish rack display in the housewares section. I had a choice between 2 Rubbermaid dishracks, another rubber coated rack, which I already knew has a defective communist chinese coating on it that just won't last, or a shiny stainless steel looking rack. Not much of a choice, however, since I had to make a choice, I opted for the shiny stainless steel looking one. It obviously was not quality stainless steel, because in less than 4 months it started to rust!!!!! Why won't anything last?

We are talking about ordinary household use of the dish rack. I place wet dishes on the rack, they dry in short order and I put the dishes up. The rack stands empty for a while until I wash another round of dirty dishes. This doesn't sound like more than should be expected of a simple metal dishrack, does it?

In about 4 short months of residential use, this Rubbermaid shiny metal dishrack started to rust This Rubbermaid dish rack is rusting after a few short months - isn't a dish rack supposed to be able to handle some water?  We are talking about ordinary HOME use, not industrial or commercial use.  Rubbermaid just couldn't handle ordinary household use

Why can't I find a Rubbermaid dish rack that lasts??  I am so stinkin' mad.  Everything is made in communist china and it just does NOT last!