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Are you 'saved'?

That means do you realize that you are a sinner deserving Hell and that faith in Jesus Christ and his sacrifice on the cross is your only way to Heaven.

It is YOUR choice whether you spend eternity in Heaven or Hell. God does not decide who is 'elect' and who is pre-damned to Hell without a chance. (That is in effect the reality of the election non-sense - if you aren't 'elected' to Heaven, then you are in effect 'un-elected', or pre-damned, to Hell). That is what is called a DAMNABLE Heresy. That isn't a regular heresy, but a damnable heresy.

No one will stand before the Great White Throne Judgement and point their finger at God and blame Him for pre-damning them to Hell. The final destination of your soul is YOUR choice. Choose wisely.

Coming soon - manuscript evidence and why the King James AV 1611 is the true, inerrant word of God

Is your pastor a narcissist?

Your pastor might be a narcissist if . . . click here

King James Bible

Exciting new addition!!

10 Clarence Larkin Bible charts, from his incredible book, 'Dispensational Truth: God's Plan for the Ages'.

(These are big files, so be patient, the download is worth it!)