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What I Found In a Bag of Special Kitty Cat Food

( Walmart's brand of cat food )

This is the bag:

Picture of a bag of Walmart brand cat food which contained a smashed wine cap

This is the smashed wine cap that was inside the bag:

Picture of the front of the smashed wine bottle lid that was in a bag of Walmart brand cat food Picture of the back of the smashed wine bottle lid that was in a bag of Walmart brand cat food

I found this wine cap in a bag of Walmart brand cat food that I puchased in August 2003.

My first question is 'just what are these cat food employees doing while on the job?'. What kind of cat food factory has smashed wine bottle caps laying around to get mixed in with cat food? Are they drinking on the job? Does OSHA know about it?

I was very surprised and very disappointed in Walmart to find such an item in the middle of a bag of their store brand cat food.

Maybe they should rename their store brand cat food "Drunken Kitty"!

This makes me wonder just what else may be mixed into the actual nuggets of cat food?

I called the 1-800 phone number on the back of this bag and told them about the smashed wine bottle lid in the bag of their store brand cat food. The rep said they were going to send a 'retrieval envelope' - is this something they have a stock of - for just such 'retrievals' ? - because they wanted me to mail this smashed wine bottle cap back to them. Fair enough, but I decided to post picures of the cap first for all the world to see what they might find in Walmart products - just so you won't be surprised it if happens to you. You have been forewarned!!

Update: I received correspondence from Nestle Purina PetCare Company in St. Louis Missouri. Thus, it turns out that Purina makes 'Drunken Kitty' cat food. I returned the wine cap to them and never again heard back. I'm still wondering what kind of opperation Purina runs that they have smashed wine caps falling into pet food.