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Interesting facts about Walmart

  • Annual sales $220 Billion
  • Number of employees worldwide: 1.28 million
  • Number of stores worldwide: 4,382
  • Supercenters: 1,060
  • Sam's Clubs: 495
  • Number of suppliers: 30,000
  • U.S. State with most Walmarts: Texas (316)
  • State with fewest: Vermont (4)
  • Value today of 100 shares of Walmart stock, purchased in 1970 at the offering price of $16.50 per share, $11.5 million.
  • Rank of Walmart among all retailers in annual grocery sales in the US: 1
  • Percentage of Proctor & Gamble's $40 billion in annual sales accounted for by Walmart: 15%
  • Number of pallets transported by Walmart trucks each week: 50 million
  • Number of suppliers: 30,000
  • Percentage of dry dog food sold in the US (outside of pet stores) that is purchased in Walmart stores: 35
  • Percentage of toothpaste that is purchased in Walmart stores: 24
  • Total square miles of retail space occupied by Walmarts: 16.3
  • Terabytes of data in Walmart's data warehouse in Bentonville: 500
  • Terabytes in the data warehouse of the US Internal Revenue Service: 40
  • Megawatt-hours of energy consumed last year by Walmart stores: 7.8 million
  • Annual megawatt-hours generated by the Hoover Dam: 4 million
  • Annual advertising expenditures: $498 million
  • Metric tons of gold purchased annually for Walmart by its suppliers: 18.4
  • Number of Olympic-size swimming pools that could be filled with baby food sold annually in Walmart stores: 58
  • Estimated annual sales of the 850 McDonald's that operate inside Wal-Mart stores: $1.3 billion
  • Typical starting hourly wage of a Walmart associate: $6.50
  • Estimated value of goods Walmart employees steal from Walmart stores each year: $1 billion
  • Estimated value of goods stolen by shoplifters: $700 million
  • Number of Walmart owned Learjets: 18
  • Number of Walmart pilots: 60
  • Number of Walmart employees in China: 4,000
  • Number of daily customers at Walmart stores worldwide: 15.7 million
  • Number of unique daily visitors at Walmart.com: 450,000
  • Items stocked by a typical Walmart Supercenter: 100,000
  • Items stocked by Walmart.com: 600,000

*These facts were taken from the March 2002 issue of 'Business 2.0' and the Business 2.0 website

  • Update from the June 21, 2004 issue of InformationWeek, "Between 50% and 70% of non-food products shipped to Wal-Mart are made in China".

2004 Update *

  • Walmart is the #1 largest private industry employer in the United States with 1.3 million employees.
  • 2.3% of the United States' 2003 gross national product with $256.3 billion in total revenue
  • 138 million shoppers per week in 5,139 stores that produce $8,126 in sales per second
  • Wal-mart sells in 3 months what The Home Depot - the next largest retailer - sells in 1 year

*These facts were taken from the November 15, 2004 issue of CIO magazine.

2005 Update

Yes, it appears that Wal-Mart is indeed taking over the world

This is the 2004 Listing of Top U.S. Supermarket and grocery chains by 2004 sales. Source: Food Marketing Institute.

  1. Walmart Supercenters of Bentonville, AK
    Sales of $115,095,600,000 from 1,712 stores
  2. The Kroger Co. of Cincinnati, OH
    Sales of $56,985,463,000 from 3,323 stores
    (Note that it took Kroger twice as many stores to achieve half the sales, not good).
  3. Albertson's, Inc. of Boise, ID
    Sales of $38,425,000,000 from 2,536 stores
  4. Safeway, Inc. - Pleasanton, CA
    Sales of $35,094,220,000 from 1,815 stores
  5. Costco Wholesale Group - Issaquah, WA
    Sales of $28,287,427,000 from 382 stores
  6. Ahold USA, Inc. - Quincy, MA
    Sales of $27,376,000,000 from 1,033 stores
  7. Sams Clubs - Bentonville, AR
    Sales of $22,271,400,000 from 550 stores
    This is also part of The Evil Empire, so you can add these sales to the Wal-Mart tally.

    For a more detailed listing, see my sub-page: Grocery Store Sales (It will open in a new window)

    A British financial site, Hoovers, has this little tid bit of info about Wal-Mart:
    Wal-Mart Stores is an irresistible retail force that has yet to meet any immovable objects. It is the world's #1 retailer, with more than 5,700 stores, including some 1,350 discount stores, nearly 2,000 combination discount and grocery stores (Wal-Mart Supercenters in the US and ASDA in the UK), and 550 warehouse stores (SAM'S CLUB). Nearly 75% of its stores are in the US, but Wal-Mart is expanding internationally; it is the #1 retailer in Canada and Mexico. It owns 42% of Japanese supermarket chain SEIYU. Wal-Mart also has operations in Asia, Europe, and South America. Founder Sam Walton's heirs own about 40% of Wal-Mart.

    2006 Update

    From the Dallas Morning News, July 30, 2006:

    For the Dallas area (Collin, Dallas, Delta, Denton, Ellis, Hunt, Kaufman & Rockwall counties), Wal-Mart has a 31.1% share of the market. Kroger is next with 16.6%, (yep, this is no typo, Wal-Mart has almost twice the market share for supermarkets).

    The list is as follows:
    Wal-Mart = 31.1% (a 3.6% increase from Jan '06)
    Kroger = 16.6% (a .8% increase from Jan '06
    Tom Thumb = 13.7% (a 2% decrease from Jan '06)
    Albertson's = 12.3% (a 2.7% decrease from Jan '06)
    Minyard = 7.6% (a .7% decrease from Jan '06)
    Brookshire = 3.3% (a .4% decrease from Jan '06)
    SuperTarget = 3.2% (a .4% increase from Jan '06)
    Fiesta Mart = 2.4% (a .1% decrease from Jan '06)
    H-E-B/Central Market = 2.0% (a .3% decrease from Jan '06)
    Whole Foods = 1.7% (a .6% increase from Jan '06)

    For the Fort Worth area (Johnson, Parker, Tarrant & Wise counties)

    The list is as follows:
    Wal-mart 36.5% (a 3.5% increase from Jan '06)
    Albertson's 15.7% (a 2% decrease from Jan '06)
    Kroger 15.0% (a 1% increase from Jan '06)
    Tom Thumb 7.6% (a 2% decrease from Jan '06)
    Minyard 5.6% (a 1% decrease from Jan '06)
    SuperTarget 5.1% (a .6% increase from Jan '06)
    Brookshire 2.8% (a .1% decrease from Jan '06)
    H-E-B/Central Market 2.3% (no change from Jan '06)
    Fiesta Mart 2.0% (a .1% decrease from Jan '06)
    Save-A-Lot .7% (a .8% decrease from Jan '06)

    Top to best-selling products in Walmart in 2001

    Sales in Millions

    • Videotapes and DVDs $1,556
    • Diapers $1,132
    • Cigarettes $1,023
    • Toilet Paper $957
    • Milk $918
    • Dry Dog Food $868
    • Batteries $849
    • Breakfast Cereal $736
    • Film $705
    • Pet Supplies $664

    *tracked by ACNeilson

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Why doesn't anything LAST anymore? I'm starting to call the place "Crap-Mart" because it is full of communist chinese crap they peddle.

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